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Heather Gray

By Amanda Del Duca

lorie lester by amanda del duca-1

It’s maxi madness on Capture Fashion this week. Specifically, maxis worn with flats. This is a look I can’t get away from in the “winter” months of Miami. It’s easy, weather appropriate and let’s be honest – super comfortable. I’ve been all about the comfort while busy working on the launch of /GIRL. 30 days!! #SlasherGirl @ShopSlasherGirl

Dress by Lorie Lester. Black strapless top/bra by American Apparel. Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow sunnies.  Nike Blazers.

lorie lester by amanda del duca-2

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Aw, Honey, You Baked.

By Amanda Del Duca

apple pie by amanda del duca-3apple pie by amanda del duca-5apple pie by amanda del duca-6apple pie by amanda del duca-8

I really like to bake sometimes. Recently, I made my first successful pie dough! My pies never come out this pretty, so I felt compelled to share. Recipe here. xx

apple pie by amanda del duca-9

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Head in the Clouds

By Amanda Del Duca

lori lester by amanda del duca-1 (1)lori lester by amanda del duca-2 (1)

This week I have a couple posts dedicated to local designer Lorie Lester. I met Lori years ago when I was assistant styling to Rachael Russell, but we never kept in touch. I recently ran into Lorie again a few weeks ago and got a chance to see her latest collection for spring, which is oh-so-Miami.  I’ve always had a soft spot for maxi dresses – Lorie Lester has an arsenal of chic and versatile resort dresses. Check out her line here. xx

lori lester by amanda del duca-3


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Tropics State of Mind

By Amanda Del Duca


Mikoh by Amanda Del Duca-1Miami has been chilly! I realize that is a ridiculous statement to those of you farther from the equator but even Miami Beach has been in the 40s, which is unusual.

I was banking on beach weather this weekend – but I ended up working in the studio on /girl product shots. I did sneak in a few pics of my latest swimwear crush – the Mikoh Santorini one-piece. Oh it’s so good. Wait til you see the back – I’ll post pics as soon as it warms up. xx

Mikoh Santorini One Piece via Scarf, Hermes. Earring, J. Colby Smith.

Mikoh-Swim-Miami-Fashion-Blogger- Amanda Del Duca-2

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The Entropy of The Real Housewives

By Amanda Del Duca

Last week while having dinner with the two men in my life, conversation arrived at a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. My obsession with RHW will cause me to regularly bring up NeNe or reference Lisa’s dog, Giggy…it’s embarassing.

“These women represent a gold standard for a generation of people who believed marriage and financial excess lead to happiness.”

While it’s fun to mock Real Housewives and feign outrage at the antics of these grown women, I often find myself learning from the crazy; learning how not to act and how not to conduct myself in public. We really need better programing for women – but that is a whole other blog post. Full disclosure – I did just read “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg, so my perspective and thoughts on women’s rights is reinvigorated.

Back to dinner, I was defending my guilty pleasure to Man One, who considers the entire series an extremely stressful and anxiety ridden viewing experience while my position is that it’s actually an important cultural lesson. One we will look back on as a very strange glimpse into the realities of the “ideal” life of the time.

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Green Garden

By Amanda Del Duca

The easiest garden is the terrarium. It’s also chic as hell! These mini-worlds are simple to make and require minimal maintenance – like once a week or two watering. They are perfect for a gardening novice, like myself.

I made the above out of antique glass boxes using succulents and air plants. I want to do flowering cacti next with sand. xx

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