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Slasher Girl’s South Beach Babe

By Amanda Del Duca

spring 2014 trends miami beach babe by slasher girl-2

Spring 2014 is officially here. Bring on the bikinis, reflective sunglasses and the shoulder-draped leather jacket. Slasher Girl joined forces with one of our favorite Miami girls, Gia, to get you in the mood for the season and vacation ready.

Hop over to the SLASHER GIRL BLOG and view the entire look book, shop the outfits and read out Spring 2014′s hottest trends.

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Wide Legs and Wind

By Amanda Del Duca

jumpsuit by amanda del duca-1jumpsuit by amanda del duca-3jumpsuit by amanda del duca-2

I really appreciate a good jumpsuit. The best ones have a subtle sex appeal and make a major statement. This Line and Dot new arrival just touched down in the new arrivals section of /girl and it’s already going quick! The wide leg and deep V back make me oh-so-happy. For a classic approach, pair the jumper with wedges or get like me and pair with the season’s darling –  flat sandals. xx

Line and Dot Deep V Jumpsuit. Zara flats.

jumpsuit by amanda del duca-4

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Indecent Exposure

By Amanda Del Duca

the kassandra by Amanda Del Duca

For my first /girl outfit post, I knew I had to bring it with the most insane item available on I mean, can you even handle this bodysuit? I had the pleasure of attending the swim week show for Minimale Animale and remember seeing this piece close the show with a literal BANG BANG. We just had to have it on /girl and I had to have it in my swim drawer. xx

SHOP Minimale Animale’s Indecent Exposure now on SLASHERGIRL.COM 

the kassandra by Amanda Del Duca-3the kassandra by Amanda Del Duca-5the kassandra by Amanda Del Duca-4

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By Amanda Del Duca

Slasher Girl Amanda Del Duca Store Illustration

It’s finally here, y’all. That online store I have been hinting at for 6 months….well it’s official!!!!!

I want to formally introduce my baby:

Below is my opening letter, I hope you all enjoy the store and find it inspiring. Thank-you so much for checking in on me and visiting this blog. I’ve been at it now for almost 4 years and those of you who have been following for awhile know just how much things have changed and grown over the years. It’s been a damn pleasure sharing my work and sartorial experiences with you. xx


SLASHER GIRL  - visit here for more!

In my teens I wrote on my wall; ‘Don’t dread, do’.

‘Dreading’, being something I did a lot while ‘Doing’ was something I left for another time. I’ve dreaded this moment more than anything in my life and now when it’s here I’m not sure what to say about it. Apart from saying that, this is me. Slasher Girl is everything I am. Everything else up to this point was practice. The ‘doing’, I hope, speaks for itself. I’d be thrilled if you will like it of course, but if you don’t that’s ok too – I’d still like to hear from you. Slasher Girl will be very opinionated and, I think, often divisive – just as I believe good fashion should be.

Lastly, I hope you find inspiration – as I have – in the words of our Slashers. These women are strong and independent with a tremendous drive and creativity. This is only the beginning and I cannot wait to share with you extraordinary brands and special items we have in store.

With love,

x Amanda

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Dip Before the Dive

By Amanda Del Duca

flamingo bikini by amanda del duca-3flamingo bikini by amanda del duca-5flamingo bikini by amanda del duca-4flamingo bikini by amanda del duca-7flamingo bikini by amanda del duca-6flamingo bikini by amanda del duca-2flamingo bikini by amanda del duca-1 flamingo bikini by amanda del duca-8

Hello, friends.

In ONE WEEK it will all be clear as to what exactly I’ve been working on for the past six months. has been my entire being for a long time. I truly look forward sharing with you all and hearing each and every thought.

In the meantime, I thought it best to keep things as normal as possible on Capture Fashion. By normal, I mean a good old-fashioned swimwear post. Some things will never change. My love for a bomb, classic one-piece is one of those things. xx

The Flamingo by Peixoto. Flannel from Forver21. Sandals by Zara. Sunnies by Linda Farrow.


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By Amanda Del Duca

bikini dot com by amanda del duca-6 bikini dot com by amanda del duca-3 bikini dot com by amanda del duca-5bikini dot com by amanda del duca-4

Miami mornings have the most magical energy. I used to love staying up all night waiting for the sun to rise. These days I go to bed early to wake up with the sun. Either way, sunrise on the East Coast of Florida is just beautiful.

For Fall 2014, sunrise is a main vein of inspiration. I foresee a major love affair with the combination of warm and pastel colors. Speaking of fall, are any of your keeping up with #NYFW? Of course you are! I’ve been keeping up via and The Cut to get my fix. Instagram gives me the sads.

Back to the upcoming season, I am starting to indulge my growing obsession with baby pink. I’m crushing on it so hard. If I were in NY right now, it would be pink coat all day. A bikini is a fair trade, no?

Kaimana Roses swim top and bottom via Baby pink crop top available soon on /GIRL. No Where to Run Cuff, Vanessa Mooney. Sunnies, Forever21.
bikini dot com by amanda del duca-1 bikini dot com by amanda del duca-2

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