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Local Love, supporting Small Business Saturday

By Amanda Del Duca

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What an amazing weekend! Miami could not have been more perfect – 72 and sunny. It’s weekends like these that make me so incredibly grateful to be a part of this city and it’s wonderful community.

Doing my part for Small Business Saturday, I visited one of my favorite Miami Beach areas – Purdy Avenue and the Maurice Gibbs Park. This neighborhood is so fresh and exciting right now. It seems every time I visit I discover a new store opening whether it be something completely new to the area like Panther Coffee or the new location of South Beach fave, Ice Box. I spent my afternoon getting my brunch on at Icebox and then heading to Panther for a cafecito to enjoy looking out on the bay.

What did you do for #SmallBizSat ? Tell me your local #ShopSmall faves on twitter @adelduca xx

Panther Coffee, 1875 Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach

Icebox Cafe, 1855 Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach

amex saturday

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EM Nails

By Amanda Del Duca

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I’m not one to spend hours at the salon. I  like to get in and get out feeling pretty and fresh.

EM Nails is perfect for the quick and quality nail experience. This local favorite is a quiet spot that is bright and clean.Book an appointment for the simultaneous mani / pedi and be out in a hour. Walk-ins are welcome and the staff is always friendly.

EM Nails, 906 Alton Road Miami Beach, FL 33139

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday! I’ll be out showing my support in Wynwood. Reach out on social media to share how you are supporting dreams and passions in your community.

@ADelDuca on Twitter

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AMEX Amanda Del Duca-21Nail Polish: Angora Cardi by Essie.

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Small Business Saturday: jugofresh

By Amanda Del Duca

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Continuing on our tour of my small business suggestions for Miami, enter the coolest and healthiest local joint, Jugo Fresh.

Originally located on South Beach, the company has branched out with a few locations around the city and is quickly transforming from hot-spot to local institution. I can’t say enough how good the bowls and smoothies are and basically everything in-store! I will absolutely be stocking up on juices and little to-go shots (like the saca lo – lemon, lime, ginger, cayenne, turmeric, oregano oil, echinacea extract and raw honey) for Art Basel.

This is a place you go to feel good; for your health and for the support of locally produced small business.

jugofresh, 222 NW 26th Street Miami, FL 33127

Small Business Saturday is this weekend! November 29. Follow me on social media for more of my #SmallBizSat Miami picks and please share any suggestions you have!

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When you shop at small businesses in your neighborhood, hometown, or favorite city, you are supporting people’s passions, the jobs they create and the culture they instill in local communities.

Top via Slasher Girl. Zara Skirt. Doc Marten boots.


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Interview with Simonett Pereria of Style Mafia

By Amanda Del Duca

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One great aspect of shopping local is getting to know the owners and staff at these wonderfully unique businesses. As a Miami local and a small business owner myself, getting to know other like-minded people (especially women!) in my community is really significant.

I sat down with the founder of one of Miami’s newest fashion brands, Style Mafia, to talk about the process of starting her clothing line and her first year as a small business owner.

Amanda: When did you start Style Mafia?

Simonett: Style Mafia launched in October of 2013 with the opening of our Wynwood showroom. We released our site two months later.

Amanda: A lot of people don’t know how young you are – only 23! How did you know how to start your business?

Simonett: I was 21 and working as a graphic designer / event producer for an entertainment company when I made the decision to start a fashion business. I remember sitting in a cafe drafting up a business plan on a journal and a few days later booking a flight to China to begin factory sourcing. I didn’t have a clear plan on how I was going to make this happen but I had faith in my vision and determination to make my project happen.

Amanda: Who do you look up to in the industry?

Simonett: Chiara Ferragni. The global impact she has been able to create starting off as a blogger and later launching a shoe brand (among many other successful endeavors) is very admirable to me.

Amanda: Style Mafia just celebrated it’s first year. What was your biggest challenge and your biggest accomplishment in this first year as a startup?

Simonett: As a Miami-based line, our biggest challenge to date has been balancing the relationship between what we want to produce for our line and what our consumer is buying. The good news is this issue is beginning to dissipate as the fashion community in Miami continues to grow and evolve. Our biggest accomplishment so far has been expanding to the international market with 10 stores in South America now carrying our line regularly!

Amanda: What is special to you about the Miami community?

Simonett: I like that we are a smaller and newer city in comparison to New York for example. It’s exciting to be in the forefront of the burgeoning art and culture scene here reflected by it’s inhabitants. There are so many talented individuals in Miami carving out their place in the creative community and we love to be able to collaborate with them through our brand.

Amanda: What advice do you have for anyone looking to start their own business?

Simonett: Trust yourself and your mission. Work until you have accomplished your goal. Consistency is crucial. Let your passion show in everything you do.

Amanda: What are your top three local spots when visiting Miami?

Simonett: The Broken Shaker at Freehand Miami, Soya e Pomodoro in Downtown and The Perez Art Museum Miami.

 Visit Simonett’s store in Wynwood, Miami
Style Mafia, 2324 NW 5th Ave, Miami, FL 33127

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Small Business Saturday: Plant the Future

By Amanda Del Duca

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Next up in my Small Business Saturday suggestions is the incomparable, Plant the Future.

This local spot is my absolute favorite place to pick up a unique gift. The entire space is awe inspiring and oh-so-beautiful. Colorful mini terrariums, large air plants protruding from minimalist figurines and huge pieces of art formed by bright green moss all transport you to the whimsical world created by owner, Paloma Teppa.

Step inside this Wynwood haven and you will not want to leave without something for someone special.

Plant the Future, 2511 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

Small Business Saturday is this weekend! November 29th. Follow me on social media for more of my #SmallBizSat Miami picks and please share any suggestions you have!

@ADelDuca on Twitter

@ADelDuca on Instagram

When you shop at small businesses in your neighborhood, hometown, or favorite city, you are supporting people’s passions, the jobs they create and the culture they instill in local communities.

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Fall in Miami

By Amanda Del Duca

amanda mesh dress

It can be tricky dressing for fall when it’s 82 and sunny. I like to play with light weight texture like mesh to add that feeling of wearing a knit without the warmth that goes with it. This Nightwalker Apocalypto Dress has been my jam the last couple weeks.

Shop it like it’s hot at SlasherGirl.

OH – and you should do it on Friday! SlasherGirl is doing a maj 30% off the ENTIRE SITE and FREE SHIPPING in the US for Black Friday AND Cyber Monday. xo!

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