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Miami Style File: Martin Solorzano

Meet Martin Solorzano. If you live in Miami perhaps you have met him or have seen him out at a fabulous event.

I was introduced to the Miami it-boy during one of the tent parties at Soho Beach House for Art Basel last year. We first met while boogying down and sipping champagne with mutual friend and CaptureFashion contributor, Rachael Russell, who introduced us.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Mr. Solorzano and am officially charmed by his sweet personality, palpable drive and baby-face good looks.

Clicky, Click below to read my interview with man-about-town, Martin Solorzano! xx

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Interview with Rachael Russell


Recently I have had the opportunity to work alongside Miami stylist Rachael Russell. You may have noticed things have been a little slower on and RR is the main reason why. It has been an absolute pleasure assisting Rachael and getting to work on some commercial gigs! I contacted her about a month ago, looking to see if she was interested in an assistant, or in collaborating with me on a few styling projects. Luckily, I got both opportunities.

Our first collaboration was for the CaptureFashion editorial Winter is Coming. (Check here, for images and my take on that shoot) A few days later, I got to be her assistant on a promotional shoot for DJ Cedric Gervais. Working on that shoot was a totally different experience for me. It was the first time I had ever been “on-set” for a project that wasn’t going on my blog. I can’t say it was less stressful, just a different kind stress. I thought maybe I would feel more relaxed and less pressure because I had fewer responsibilities, but I’m telling you – I was steaming clothes as if my life depended on it.

Next up, I’ll be working with Rachael on a super sick 60s-inspired editorial, so def look out for those photos later on CaptureFashion.

Now, go here for my FULL interview with Rachael Russell. We talk about her career as a stylist, her goals for the future and what it’s like to style Lindsay Lohan! xx

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Join Me

Miami lovelies, this one is for you.

I will be hosting The Shop Splash fashion show with the girls behind We Can Pretend on Tuesday, September 27th from 9 pm to 2 am at the Delano on Miami Beach.  Tai Entertainment will present the Shop Splash S/S 2012 Style Lounge and Fashion show featuring collections by Alexis, Wildfox Couture, Indah and Maya Swimwear.

Would LOVE to see every one of you Miami readers there!! xx



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Interview with Designers Alexis and Ana Barbara

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of meeting with local Miami designer, Alexis, and visiting the brand’s incredible showroom/warehouse. I first learned about Alexis clothing from my modeling work at Jessie Boutique. I started to notice a big chunk of the clothes on my must-have list for Capture Fashion were by the same brand, Alexis.

After a quick google search I learned the brand is local and one of the designers is 24, my age! I emailed Jessie immediately asking for a contact and about a week later, I was driving with Gina to the Alexis mothership.

Walking in, I was totally blown away. The space is huge and probably one of the most beautiful houses of fashion I have ever seen in real life. Large, framed photographs with the likes of Kate Moss and Marylin Monroe hang throughout the front of the showroom together with two giant bookshelves with every fashion coffee table book a girl could dream for occupying the shelves. All the furniture is white and accented with metallics; I would literally live in the front section. I could have stayed browsing through the books for hours.

The rest of the space goes a little something like this: dozens upon dozens of racks of new fall clothes, dozens and dozens of racks of spring/summer clothes awaiting pick up, a full photography studio, a series of sewing stations, huge areas of fabric rolls and lots of busy people everywhere. It was so freaking cool.

After staring in awe I finally sat down with the mother-daughter design team, Ana and Alexis Barbara. Both are petite with long, shiny brown hair and very beautiful. The pair look like sisters, watching them together, the two act very much like sisters as well. Ana Barbara wore a pair of black skinny jeans, heels, a simple white tee and a gorgeous Chanel-inspired blazer by Alexis. Daughter, Alexis, went for a more bohemian summer look in wedges, mini-shorts and loose top.

In person the duo are as sweet as they are talented. Over the past couple months, I’ve become a real fan of the Alexis brand, so it was pretty exciting to meet the ladies behind my some of my favorite summer looks. The story starts with a family trip Alexis took four years ago to the Mediterranean.

I went to europe with my family on a trip and designed 15 pieces to wear. Everyone I saw complimented me on my outfits and people started asking where to buy it.  I told them, you know, that I had designed it and had it made.

The response was so positive from her trip, Alexis decided to seek the opinion of family friends in fashion. After speaking with the Green family of Topshop, Alexis and her mother Ana designed their first line. The collection debuted at Miami’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2008, and the pair have been designing and expanding since. Today, Alexis has her sights on designing a line for children.

I want Alexis to be more than a womens clothing brand. I want it to be a lifestyle brand. Clothing, shoes, home furnishing, a children’s line, everything.

The mother-daughter team are clearly quite busy. Running a business and staying ahead of the trends is seriously hard work. I asked what kind of challenges the women have faced throughout the past few years, in terms of launching a womenswear collection and creating success.

Everyday we run into another obstacle. Production is the most difficult. We didn’t study fashion, so when we talk about patterns and the actual design I’m learning through the process. Everything is produced in the US, so we have control. It’s important for us to have control over every detail, said Ana Barbara.

The level of control is down to the minute detail. I witnessed a fitting during my time with Alexis and Ana and the passion was totally there. These two are a great team with a clear vision of what the Alexis shopper wants.

The ideal customer is a young woman who likes to feel beautiful at all times. She doesn’t just want to fell glamourous at night or at an event. She wants to look it wherever she goes, said Ana Barbara.

Wearing Alexis definitely brings the it factor. The brand is very popular among certain celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and is my favorite local brand by far. If you’re looking to browse Alexis fashion in person check out the store locator closest to you here. Alexis is also carried online at Singer22,  Intermix, Jessie Boutique and Shop Splash.

Check me out wearing Alexis in Big City DreamingDeco DarlingPower Play and Pearls and Tweed. xx

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Welcome to


Changing the name is something I have wanted for awhile. The name has bothered me for a few reasons. Fashionably isn’t an easy word to spell or remember, and the .net versus .com has always been slightly annoying.

Last, I’m really not that social. Sure, I like to go out on occasion and I have friends, but my daily life and, more importantly, my blog is not a social vehicle. This is my creative space and I take things serious around here. I wanted a name that represented my content and voice as a style blogger. is a name that I instantly liked and felt good about.

Capturing trends, style, outfits and photographs…for the love of Fashion.

I hope you all like it. I’m as excited as ever to produce better personal style photos, sicker outfits, inspiring collages and trend reports you die for. Thanks for reading, visiting and all the likes, comments and support.

Don’t forget to please, bookmark or add me on your reader or!

xx Amanda

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MBFW Swim Day 3 – Mara Hoffman

Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending the most anticipated show of the week, Mara Hoffman. As previously reported, I’m REAL into anything Mara and am a very big fan of her printed bikinis. Well – I’m delighted to say, the 2012 collection does not disappoint. The moment the show started I was in a trance. I couldn’t even tweet, people. The entire show maybe lasts, two or three minutes, but it felt like an hour of pure bliss.

Starting with the hair, wow. My mane stylist Sheenon will be out of town for a couple weeks, but the moment he gets back I will pounce on him to recreate for me on FS. It was a really interesting and beautiful combo of the messy braid trend and a loose updo. Totally gorgeous and somehow perfect looking for the beach. Next, I was really digging the face paint. Not exactly the most innovative, but together with the hair and insane prints going on the look was nicely executed.

The bikinis and cover-ups really speak for themselves. I tried to include as many pics from the runway without boring anyone (not that anyone could possibly be bored of Mara). My favorites included the amazeballs Egyptian-inspired tribal print dress and the second bikini pictured. I wants them both and I wants them now.

After the gloriousness of MH, I reached my swimwear peak and retreated to Shake Shack on Lincoln to get my burger on and relax. Thought I would include a few of those shots because – well,  just because I like them.

Hope you all enjoyed my 2012 Swim Week coverage.  I will be posting one more round up post and then back to normal blogging. Get pumped for some trend reports, editorials, and of course, personal style. xx

Top, Zara. Suede Skirt, Abercrombie and Fitch. Headband, by Lilla.Bag, Gucci.

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